Safety Bed Purchased for Kingsdown School

Amelia is 11 years old.  She has profound and multiple learning difficulties and goes to Kingsdown School.

At home she has a Bear Snooze bed that is enclosed that she is unable to get out of and harm herself provided by the local authority.

To enable the family to have a holiday together Donna Slattery, her mother, found a “Safety Sleeper” that fits on to any single bed and completely encloses it so the child inside cannot harm themselves or get out of bed.  This folds down into a suitcase so can easily be transported, even on to a plane.   It costs £2,995.

Leigh Lions bought the Safety Sleeper for Amelia to use for holidays and they have in fact taken their first family holiday abroad to Spain.  It is available for use by any of the children in Kingsdown School to go on holiday.  Another boy has used it to go on holiday with his parents to Scotland.

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